eTWIST®: Mobile Evidence Documentation Solution

Please Read this Warning for Law Enforcement


eTwistHandheld1_6IntermecProperly documented evidence collection is at the cornerstone of public safety

eTWIST® brings Mobile Evidence Collection to Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) . eTWIST® is a patented chain of custody system which brings precise controls and accountability to the gathering, handling and maintenance of evidence.

First Responders who use eTWIST®, increase the awareness that all collectors and custodians of evidence have a responsibility to care for the evidence within their respective roles in the justice system. eTWIST®, “The Mobility Advantage” yielding dramatic increases in data accuracy.

Collecting, documenting, and tracking evidence is key to law enforcement and justice.
A single error can compromise an otherwise strong case.

  • Out of the average 100 cases per week, 25 require evidence tracking
  • An officer spends an average of two hours entering evidence data into a back-end system-more when processing a handwritten report

 Key Benefits

Customers can expect to achieve the following benefits:

  • Accuracy protects Chain of Custody which helps better protect citizens
  • Reduced administration time improves productivity and accountability
  • Utilization of Law Enforcement Agency staff reduces costs
  • Law Enforcement Agency  can view photos/real-time video of an incident scene, blueprints of buildings and detailed maps, before arriving at the scene
  • Real-time interfaces from CAD/RMS systems auto-populate eTWIST® with incident data
  • Lag time between when information is collected and when it is visible in back-end is eliminated, providing the instant visibility required to act promptly and effectively

Read about eTWIST® at, GovTech, VSR, KPLR11.

Protect the truth at the scene of the crime.

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