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Q: Which platforms does the eTWIST® product support?

eTWIST® Mobile Platform uses Windows Mobile 6.x + (Most devices ship with 6.5). eTWIST®.. Our HTML5 browser application is installed on Android and Windows Phone devices. Windows 7 or higher / Linux / Mac including many Smart Phones and Tablets.

Q: How have clients added to the capacity of eTWIST® hardware and what are the estimated hours required to complete these tasks?

Capacity increases as memory and hard drive upgrades increase across respective levels. Pictures are stored on SD Cards on the handhelds, the larger cards with greater storage capacity. Adding a larger SD Card estimated at less than 10 min. Adding more memory to a PC/Server estimate 15 min, and adding a larger Hard Drive estimated at 30 min. Additional tasks depend on the respective task. Regarding eTWIST® mobile computing devices, the SD Card holds pictures in memory, estimate 5 min to copy existing pictures. eTWIST® handheld applications should NOT need to be reinstalled, estimate to reinstall 5-10 min. If the PC/Server OS needs reinstalled estimate 30 min to 3 hours. Importing a copy of the database estimated at 5 min to 1 hour or more. If eTWIST® Backend needs to be reinstalled from scratch, the Web Server, Script Engine and Database engine, estimate 30 min to 1 hour to install if already downloaded. Copying over the eTWIST®Backend install and setup estimated at 15-30min excluding any additional time for user setup. All estimates are based on a basic level of IT knowledge and core competencies.

Q: What is eTWIST®'s Maximum Capacity?

Each table in the database can be up to 64TB assuming memory and hard drive space allows.

  • Approx 4,228,890,876 Case Records
  • Approx 4,261,672,975 User Records

With each Table at 64TB Max there are currently 10 Tables for a total of 7,036,874,417,766,400 Bytes if all tables were filled to capacity. The Handheld’s max database size is 4GB which it is very unlikely to ever get near, as Microsoft sets the default max it expects to use at 256MB,32 MG SD Cards can be installed.

Q: Does eTWIST® allow technical staff to handle installation?

Yes, BUT we do not recommend an agency install eTWIST® solution on its own for the first time.

Q: How many estimated hours for installation?

Given the site preparedness and the scope of the installation, we estimate 1-3 days on-site for installation, setup and training required for up to 8-10 users per site. We generally employ the “Train the Trainer” method.

Q: What is eTWIST® licensing structure?

Generally, per concurrent user license

Q: What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analysing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS allows users to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts. GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework.


Q: What percentage of eTWIST® clients have customized the base solution and what functions were added?

eTWIST® has years of development and testing with input from Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. As such a very small percentage eTWIST® requires “customization”.

Q: Are there any Software Developer Kits and/or libraries provided for customization?

eTWIST® Backend solution is designed with web technologies and simple transfer methods to allow for easy customization without the need of any SDKs. eTWIST® also provides the user the ability to easily customize particular fields and selections using commonly available software tools/text editors.

Q: Is eTWIST® Source Code Available?

eTWIST® Mobile Evidence Software Solution is wholly owned by Primary Marking Systems, Inc. and has mulitple patents (US Pat. Nos. 8220711, 8998083 & 8998084). Primary Marking Systems Inc. uses license agreements and other tools in its development and considers all Copyrighted, Trademarked or Patented products to be proprietary to the respective companies and should be treated with the same level of confidentiality provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. eTWIST® has mulitple patents (US Pat. Nos. 8220711, 8998083 & 8998084) and is stored in a safe secure environment – generally NO Source Code, will be provided to the user.

Q: What version control software is utilized with your application?

Each developer is assigned one Project with no other developers handling the code for that project, so source control is not required. Many minds working on a project creates multiple windows for many bugs. Peer review and testing is done to prevent developers from overlooking errors, but only one hand in the code.


Q: Does your eTWIST® application provide role-based security and what method(s) of network and application authentication are supported?

Yes! eTWIST® software is permissions based – The system administrator can set permissions on a per user basis. There are multiple levels of application authentication allowing each record to store the DSN/User identification that modified a respective record along with the time/date stamp of the modification.

Q: Does the solution flow the client ID to the back-end system (non-repudiation)?

Yes! all activity with the Backend is being recorded/logged to another record.

Q: Does eTWIST® support audit logs, if so, what elements are logged? Where are the logs stored?

Yes! all activity within the Backend is being recorded/logged to another record.

Q: Does the application provide secured Internet transactions?

Secured Internet transactions are the responsibility and thus the result of the level of security offered to or by the Internet provider or host. eTWIST® has several levels of security built in, including equaling FIPS 140-2 Level 1. eTWIST® is Validated by Motorola the Lex-700 mobile device platform, by Zebra Technologies on the MC, TC, and ET mobile device platforms as well as Zebra GX420/30t printer and Certified by AT&T. By incorporating the use of a third party device management software, such as those provided by Soti or Good, eTWIST® can be remotely managed, to provide even greater security protection.


Q: Does eTWIST® provide enough information to be supported and maintained by the customer?

Yes! based on a basic level of IT knowledge and core competencies.

Q: What type of troubleshooting utilities does the eTWIST® solution have?

eTWIST® Error Checking and Handling are built in to all aspects of the application to alert the user regarding an error condition or missing requirements for data entered. Including the use of RED and GREEN outlines around ALL data input boxes as status indicators.

Q: What pre/post implementation support is available?

Primary Marking makes use of a GANNT Chart, which provides responsibilities and assignments to all parties and FTE’s for both the post and pre installation. Further post implementation support is addressed in an SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Q: What level of programming support will I need or is support provided?

The user should have a basic understanding of networking, databases, and a core competency in IT. If user does not have those core competencies or the bandwidth, Primary Marking can provide those services.

Q: Are there various levels of maintenance that are offered?

Yes! Primary Marking Systems, Inc.provides comprehensive SLA options, which can be unique and tailored to the coverage required by the user. Coverage’s vary from on site 24/7/365 to help desk hours 8-5. All eTWIST® software solutions include the initial year of software maintenance, all mobile device hardware includes multi-year return to factory support as well as an 8-5 software/hardware help desk. Additional support levels such as hot spares are also available.

Q: What type of documentation is provided with eTWIST®?

Complete User and Setup Manuals, as well as videotaped training sessions are provided.

Q: How are eTWIST® software changes accomplished and how often?

SLA Clients are notified via email of available downloads of eTWIST® software updates. Minor releases are schedule at the quarterly mark or as needed. Major releases and enhancements at the 1-2 year mark. Many previously “customized” agency requests are integrated directly as enhancements to standard eTWIST® solution set.

Q: What is the process for ensuring eTWIST® Mobile Evidence application is current with operating systems updates (Windows 7, Windows 8 etc)?

The eTWIST® handheld platform is running the latest Windows Mobile 6.5,by using HTML5 Android, iOS, Windows Phone platforms are available. eTWIST®Backend is Web/Network based running through a browser adhering to the latest HTML standards. We continue to review platforms such as Smartphone/Tablet usage following with industry standards and migrating with partners, like Panasonic, Zebra, Honeywell, Motorola, Verizon, AT&T, Google and others. eTWIST® will advance to those platforms that provide security and stability consistant to Client demands.