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Smartphones, Tablets, Browsers, eTWist Runs Standalone without connectivity and/or any browsers – Increase in data accuracy through on-site data collection and automatic data validation.

searchEvidence Audits

Produce near real time evidence room accuracy.


eTWIST® is priced to your exact needs.
Justice Assistance Grants (JAG) Available – ROI 5 Weeks.


Record/Capture itmes at the scene, protects officers and streamlines redundant process, improve forensic evidence collection efficiency.

playDigital Evidence

Record the establishing shot with Time & Date MetaData, GEO-Stamping, Including Atmospherical Conditions – Relate other recordings, build gang/tribal affiliations and Documentations

TransferEvidence Transfers

Transfer evidence at the scene, between agencies, judicial requests, and Fed Ex/UPS

formsAgency Specific Forms

Auto populate error prone manual entries.

Chain-Of-CustodySecure Chain of Custody

CAC Scanning, Dual Authentication, AES 256 Encryption, means unbroken chain of custody.

CustomizableCustomize? Yes.

You can customize things for specific agency needs

E-AlertsPatented Alerts

Automated notifications = Actionable Events = Reduced Operational Risk = Ensured Victim Advocate Identifications

laptop-in-carCAD/RMS Interfaces

Pre-populate fields when the call comes in, saving time and delivering accuracy.

VoiceVoice Activate Inputs

Common speech to text, NCIC/UCR, Inutitive dropdowns, optimized accuracy